Some lenders are better than others. I highly recommend lenders who communicate swiftly and effectively. Ive had some lenders take up to 2 weeks to respond and one lender who never responded and then dropped the client. Chris Milker took on the client and saved the deal. In today's market where you need instant lender interaction, 2 weeks to respond or never is unacceptable.

I have a had tremendous success working with Chris Milker from Fairway Independent Mortgage. He is always super fast in his responsiveness and really goes the extra mile for his clients. If you want someone who is swift, thorough, and effective, Chris is your man. 303-503-5765 Chris has saved some transactions that would have fallen by the wayside had he been an average lender.

Kelly Cito 303-520-9911 with Equilane has been a real star. He brokers loans and has some really great products. He got a client of mine into a solar off-grid home on a 3% down conventional loan with a 2% lender credit! He's been great with VA too. He can match or beat any rate.

Sherry Oliver has done a wonderful job with my VA clients, surprising me with how high she can get them qualified. She is really easy to work with and I highly recommend her especially for VA loans. 970-531-4700


Whoever you choose as your lender. Make sure they answer the phone!